Junk Removal


There’s nothing worse than confronting a space that’s filled with junk. With everything else on your plate, the last thing you need is to spend your time clearing out your home. That’s where we come in. MyTrashRemoval.com  offers quick, stress-free junk, furniture, and yard waste removal. With our help, ridding your home of junk is easy.


During this ultra-fast service, we arrive at your home promptly and get to work immediately. From there, our crew deftly clears your space of brush and lawn waste, unwanted mattresses, and any other junk you want to dispose of. All junk removal jobs are priced by the truckload.


What’s our definition of junk? Anything you don’t need or want! If it has outlived its usefulness, is getting in your way, or just needs to be thrown out or replaced, I’ll take care of it for you. In addition to yard waste and household trash, I can handle those items that are more difficult to get rid of because they can’t be donated (like most older TVs and computers/monitors) and things that a routine trash removal service isn’t equipped to deal with or won’t accept. I’ll make decluttering your home quick and easy.